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Egypt unexpected is proud to be your guide in Egypt to visit together the immortal monuments of ancient Pharaohs and to discover its splendor mystery. Pyramids, Sphinx, Citadel, Memphis, Sakkara, Islamic Mosques and Christian churches are all in Cairo. In Red sea, Sharm El Sheikh & Hurghada, you will enjoy sea sports, water fun, diving, snorkeling, in addition to adventurous safari trips & Bedouin life.
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  1. Tailor Made
    We know that today's travelers call for a much more flexible travel experience. Our travel consultants consider planning the trip to be a part of that experience, which begins with your first email through our website, we provide pre-designed tour packages, but we know it is not enough to meet your needs. So we are proud to tell you that all the tours can be customized according to your special needs and interests.
  2. Budget Tours
    Our budget tours are providing a high level of service and quality and offering a reasonably priced alternative for those looking for an economical tour based on well furnished quality three Star hotels. Contact us now and get free quote :
  3. Hotels Bookings
    Egypt is a great destination & you can find all hotel categories in all parts of it. A good selection has been chosen for your ready reference, make the reservation for the selected hotel & get our very special rates...
  4. Day Tours and Excursions
    Egypt has more than just Antiquities and a Great heritage from the Ancient World. The following list made specially for our client who wants to enjoy just our optional tours service so you can choose the tour you want whenever you want. We offer a range of extra options and tours, which can be added onto our set tour itineraries. Details of which options are available...
  5. Nile Cruises Booking
    The Nile is one of the world's most famous and beautiful rivers. ... Cruises leave from either Luxor or Aswan.....We Guarantee Best Rates & Services
  6. Transportation
    We use a mix of local and private transportation including trains, buses, cars, jeeps, camels, horses, feluccas, and cruise ships - to vary your journey each day.
  7. Experienced Friendly Staff!
    Our friendly and attentive staff will always be in contact with you - providing you all the means of comfort and information so that you can experience a more relaxing time during your stay in Egypt- up to the day of departure.
  8. Knowledgeable Tour Guides
    Egypt Unexpected has a strong and stable cooperation with local tour guides. Most guides are mature and with an amazing graciousness, patience, and wealth of knowledge. Travel with our tour guides will make your visit to Egypt even more meaningful and enjoyable.
  9. Our Mission
    Our mission is to make travelers to Egypt see and experience the REAL Egypt, to learn about our history, our culture, meet the people, enjoy the tasty food and to return home knowing that we all are "People of the world".